About Martin (in English)

Martin Cáp is a Czech journalist, TV reporter and race commentator. Based in Prague, he has loved horse racing since his childhood and considers the Velká Chuchle racecourse his second home. He started his career in the Czech business daily Hospodarske noviny, then continued as head editor of news portals IHNED.cz and Aktualne.cz. You can follow him at Twitter and Instagram.

As a print journalist, Martin has written  for almost all specialized magazines at home, abroad he regularly contributes to the German newsletter Turf Times. He is the four time-winner of the Premysl Neumann Prize for outstanding journalism, awarded by the Czech Jockey Club.

In 2007 he launched this Derby Blog with all important news and opinions before the Czech Derby. Apart from that, he likes to describe old racing stories and turf history.

Martin is married and lives in Prague.